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Editor’s Desk May 7, 2018

Dear Nashville Technology News Organization and growing community,

I am very pleased and happy to be collaborating with Nashville Tech News while also expanding our audience reach.

Nashville Tech News is the second website of four websites we have slated to launch in the upcoming months.

Editor's Desk May 7, 2018

Nashville is quickly becoming a booming tech town with low costs for business operations and a expanding pool of talent being fed by some of the country’s elite school. Vanderbilt, Lipscomb, Belmont and Fisk are just some of the high quality universities that are producing great employee and entrepreneurial minded individuals.

Health tech and fin-tech are two big business segments taking a foot hold in the growing Nashville tech business landscape.

With one hundred people relocating to Nashville on a daily basis the real estate and construction industries are seeing increased activities and profits. Land and dwelling prices are steadily increasing with much opportunity still on the horizon for technology organizations that interface with building and remolding projects.

With this steady increase of population we will continue to track and monitor the ever increasing transit problem for Nashville. The first transit proposal has been shot down leaving others to wonder what tech solution can help to reduce the transit congestion in Nashville.

I look forward to working hard to uncover and deliver actionable news worthy information to you.

Best regards,

Editor's Desk May 7, 2018

Richard Bartram