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Editor’s Desk July 8, 2019

Dear community,

Thank you.

It hasn’t been three years since launching our first technology trade journal. Now we have four covering technology news information around globe.

We provide FREE information.

We do not charge and we do not accept any outside financing or funding to keep our technology trade journals voice alive. We are proud of that. FREE information versus competitors who charge.

We also have delivered over a thousand pieces of specially curated technology news information from around the globe for FREE.

OK, technology aside for a moment.

I’m very excited to be launching Sobriety News which will focus on information as it relates to living sober and sobriety from any kind of addiction. Very exciting stuff.

Back to technology.

Millions of views, thousands of visitors and subscribers later and here we are. A huge and growing community I’m glad to be a part of, a servant of sorts, as I am directed and responsible to deliver highly actionable and up to date technology news information most other publications don’t.

Our family of technology trade journals now includes LA Tech News – NYC Tech News – Nashville Tech News – International Tech News. We updated our branding and image on all four technology trade journals and deployed supporting sites to improve user experience.

We’ve had veterans with boots on the ground reporting from like Angola, Norway, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Lima and Rio de Janeiro. While also covering all fifty of the great United States of America.

We delivered great technology news, current with our changing times and focused on the positive aspects like:

I very much appreciate all the support from you, our community.

Please help grow our community by forwarding this to someone who may have the same interests as our mission of providing FREE, actionable and up to date technology news information.

STAY TECH CONNECTED by signing up with your e-mail and help me continue to serve our great community.

Best regards,

Editor's Desk July 8, 2019

Richard Bartram