‘365 Days Part 2’- What Can We Anticipate From The Follow-Up To Netflix’s ‘novel’ Film 

365 Days Part 2

The film “365 Days” was featured on Netflix in 2020, and since that time, it has gotten opinions from divided viewers. And with the controversial plots and hot scenes, the movie left movie lovers shocked by the unexpected ends. So, is there a 365 days part two? We made a small guide (spoilers) to give you information so you understand the next sequel.

1– So, Will There Be A Part 2?

There is currently no official confirmation about whether “365 Days” will have a sequel. Despite rumors claiming that Anna Maria Sieklucka, the actress, has confirmed it on her Instagram account. The movie is based on Blanka Lipinska’s eponymous book, which is a portion of a trilogy. And the main title is “365 DNI”, “Kolejne 365 DNI,” and “Tem dzien” which have not been published by any Brazilian publishers.

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2–When Will The Sequel Be Out?

There are rumors that Anna Maria Sieklucka, the leading actress in “365 Days,” confirmed the sequel on her Instagram. It’s reasonable to assume that production on the new movie won’t start before 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Given the physical contact required between the actors in the movie, this delay is understandable.

3– Did Laura Die In The Film At The End?

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The surprising conclusion of “365 days” implies that Laura dies while attacked by a rival family of Massimo’s. However, the books tell us that Laura doesn’t die, as they reveal the whole story. Nonetheless, we can expect that the assault will severely affect Laura and Massimo’s relationship. And this makes the young woman, deeply in love, realize she is involved with a mobster.

4–Is The Next Part Place In Italy?

Yes, it’s been confirmed that if there’s a sequel, it’ll be shot mainly in Italy. Where Massimo resides, despite the production being Polish and the movie having a mixture of Polish and English languages. As a result, the production for the sequel may have to wait until at least 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic since Italy was severely affected by it.

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5– Will The Next Part Have Many Hot Scenes?

Maybe due to the threat of Laura’s potential death at the end of the first movie. And the possibility of losing her lover forever sparks a passionate relationship between Laura and Massimo. If there’s a sequel, the explicit sex scenes between the two characters are likely to be even more intense and play a more significant role.

6– The Competitor Family

Keep in mind that in the initial film, Laura rebels by dancing and teasing a random man at a club to make Massimo jealous. Even though the incident has already happened, the opposing family takes notice and decides to escalate the violence, perceiving Laura as Massimo’s vulnerability. This could result in the protagonist being held captive by the enemy for an extended period. And it leaves Massimo to rescue his daughter in a manner reminiscent of “Romeo and Juliet,” combining elements of chivalric romance.

7– Will Massimo Die?

In the first movie, we see Laura tell her friend she is pregnant so quickly that the viewers nearly notice this. And when her rival attacks her at that moment, she tries to tell her boyfriend over the phone. After the recovery, Laura will finally tell Massimo- that we can already assume he won’t take it very well. After all, he wants to enjoy her body for an extended time. And for this, Massimo’s reaction will rift the relationship between them, and this can let their rival take a chance over the protagonist. 

8– The Excellent Promise

Massimo has so much love for Laura and seems to do everything for her shake. Therefore, when he knows that Laura is at risk, he will make a massive sacrifice for Laura. And in the last section, having his lover in his arms, he will know he will become a father. This can change his reactions to his kid. The latest movie is set to finish with their happy ending having a kid and marriage, which he promises to her. 

Naturally, this is only conjecture about the storyline since the books haven’t been translated into Portuguese yet. And there’s been no official confirmation from Netflix regarding the potential continuation of “365 days.” As a result, as viewers, we can use our imagination to speculate on how the plot might progress. What is your opinion? Do you believe there will be a sequel to “365 days”?

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