How to Make Folders on Your iPhone- Step by Step Guideline

Does the sea of apps drown you in your iPhone display? Are you frantic about not finding your newly downloaded games? If so, you have landed on the right page. Creating folders can reduce the massive stress of not seeing your required apps. 

In this blog post, we will discuss in detail why you need to make folders on your iPhone, How to make folders, and layout some top tips to create folders on your iPhone screen. 

1.0 Why do you need to make folders on your iPhone?

In everyday life, we need to use numerous apps, some for frequent use and some for not-so-frequent use. Creating folders for your application and files is crucial. We tend to download apps that may not have everyday use. Folders have become an essential part of mobile display design, allowing you to reduce swipes. 

1.1 Reduces clusters of Apps

Folders help reduces the cluster of applications from your mobile display. For example, there are 38 preinstalled applications that iPhone provides. Other than that, you need to download hundreds of applications from the app store. This tends to create a cluster of apps on your phone screen, increasing the number of swipes. 

Folders are an excellent technique to reduce the sea of apps on your phone display. In addition, they tend to reduce the number of swipes to find your required programs from the cluster of applications presented. 

1.2 Reduces the number of the home page

You are drowned in a sea of icons, and with it comes too many home pages. In addition, there are instances where you can’t find the apps from the mass collection of apps. Many will suggest you uninstall programs, but you actually will need them somewhere at another time. Therefore, you can reduce the number of homepages by putting the apps in the folders. 

1.3 Stay organized

Folders help you to stay organized. You can put all the similar functions in one single group. Such as social media, finance, games, utility, etc. apps in their designated folders. This will reduce the number of home pages. 

1.4 Boost productivity

Having folders will reduce the number of apps on your iPhone home screen. They will reduce the cluster of apps in your display, reduce your home pages and help you to stay organized. In addition, creating folders tends to have less difficulty finding your required apps. This will boost your productivity in your work.

2.0 How to make folders on an iPhone screen?

Making folders on your iPhone screen is quite a simple drag-and-drop process. Apple has three simple steps in their latest IOS versions. Below we have simplified those steps for your better understanding.

Step 1 Edit Home Screen

Press on to the phone display that you want to put in a folder. Press the display until the screen begins to jiggle.

You can also press any apps on the home screen. They will show three options- 

  • Remove Apps 
  • Share Apps 
  • And Edit Home Screen

Now, tab Edit home screen. This will bring you to the option edit home screen, where you can create the folders.

Step 2 Drag an app onto another app to create the folder.

Next, you drag your app to another app to create your folders. Once done, apple’s IOS version will automatically create a folder consisting of the two. 

Step-3 Similarly, drag other applications into that folder.

Now you can drag multiple applications onto that folder. This way, one can create multiple pages of apps in the folders by just dragging other apps in that folder. 

You can also rename your newly created folder. To do so, all you need to do is touch and hold the folder. Then, tab rename, and now enter your new name. Finally, press Done on the home screen background when you are finished. 

3.0 Tips to create folders on iPhone

Creating a folder on iPhone is a simple process, as explained earlier. Below, we have outlined some top tips to keep in mind while creating folders on your phone. 

3.1 Organize apps based on the frequency of use

There are hundreds of applications on your iPhone that you end up using, and only a handful of them daily. If so, our top tip is to organize your apps based on daily use. 

You can list apps based on daily and most frequently used programs on a notepad or piece of paper. Then create a folder based on daily used apps. After that, move those frequently used apps one by one to that folder. Finally, you can name the folder as daily used apps. 

As the first folder is done, you can create another folder based on the apps you use less often. 

3.2 put your social media in a folder

As too many social media apps are on the market, we tend to roam around from one platform to another to catch up on the latest buzz. As a result, finding all those social media applications on the home screen gets tougher. Therefore, it makes good sense to put all the social apps in one folder. 

This reduces the number of sweeps and boosts productivity for an exciting social media experience. 

3.3 place all your games in one basket

Every day there are hundreds of games launched on the IOS app store. So it is easy to hop into your favourite swipe games whenever you get a chance.

Finding your favourite game can be hectic and distracting from the cluster of apps. Therefore, creating a separate folder on your iPhone makes sense to play your favourite game. A separate folder for all your games aids a good playing experience on your iPhone.

3.4 keeping your finance portals and other apps in a separate designated folder

In this age of digital worlds, almost all banks provide app-based services. Hence, creating a separate folder on your phone is always a good idea. You can put your finances, stock market, and baking account-related apps in a single group.

Furthermore, you can create a separate designated folder for other groups of apps, such as:

  • Fitness related apps
  • News apps 
  • Utility apps
  • Google service apps 
  • Microsoft Office apps

For your fitness apps in a single group, you can create a separate folder for your utility and other groups of apps in their designated folders. 

4.0 use app library

Apple’s app library was introduced from the IOS 14 updates and quickly grabbed iPhone users’ attention. This feature allows the users to automatically organize the apps according to their category. To use the app library, you can swipe right. Its automatically generated categories are easier to access to find your favorite apps. 

Final Verdict

Creating a folder for your iPhone helps you be organized from the cluster of apps you need for daily use. They reduce the number of home screens, stay focused and organized, and boost productivity. It has become an ever-easy process to create folders on your iPhone in three simple steps. 

Although creating folders is easy, you should organize your apps based on the folder’s frequency of use and other tips. For more information, you can always visit apple’s website for a better understanding.

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