How to See Sensitive Content on Twitter: Step-By-Step Guide

How to See Sensitive Content on Twitter

Sensitive content on Twitter is a widespread annoying issue many users face while surfing this social media platform. Twitter is known to flag sensitive content of violence, adult content, and nudity from people under 18. For people interested in that content, Twitter displays warnings by showing “sensitive content’ messages. 

What is Sensitive Content

Experts say, “Sensitive content is anything that may offend a reader or user, particularly concerning religion, race, gender, politics, sexuality, disability, or vulgar language.”

Although Twitter is an excellent medium for keeping up with your favorite celebrities’ news, users often encounter materials they don’t want to see. People constantly tweet offensive or upsetting things to some people, groups, or races. 

Why Does Twitter Allow Sensitive Content

Sensitive Content

Twitter is an excellent source of learning about the trending topping that’s happening around. Also, when an individual follows somebody, they tend to get information about updates and comments about the person they follow.

Many people upload potentially sensitive media on this platform. Thus, Twitter does its best to shield its users from those types of content. But unfortunately, many users don’t mind viewing that content. 

There are many times when the media or any individual can show and share or even create news on sensitive topics. Twitter gives the complete option to use its microblogging platform independently. Thus, when someone wishes to see sensitive content, Twitter allows its users to see those content.

According to Twitter, if any individual or user wishes to share or report on sensitive content, they need to mark it as sensitive content. 

How does Twitter Mark Sensitive Content

The official website of Twitter suggests that they may remove any messages/content showing graphic violence, excessive nudity, and improper or offensive language. 

Twitter marks inappropriate content in two ways. One is by reporting unwanted messages that Twitter reviews and marks as inappropriate content. In this process, you may be punished by the server and get blocked from the platform. 

Another is by appropriately marking the media settings while posting the tweets. Furthermore, Twitter uses bots by which it can identify potentially unacceptable content that users would find inappropriate such as violence, nudity, or hate speech. 

What does it mean by “This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content.”

When twitter displays the above message, it means the tweet contains harmful content. For example, this tweet may contain explicit violence, nudity, or improper or foul language designed to hurt religion, race, or community. Thus, Twitter marks and displays messages saying the above things to warn its users. 

What Are the Default Settings on Twitter Regarding Sensitive Content

All the Twitter accounts have default settings regarding Inappropriate content. For example, they restrict the users with warnings like, “This media may contain sensitive materials” or saying,” this profile may include potentially sensitive content.” and similar messages. 

How to Turn Off Sensitive Content On Twitter

Twitter allows its user to see the sensitive content on its platform. You have to update this feature to see this explicit content manually. Since twitter operates its services on both the website and mobile application, there are different ways to correct these media settings. 

Below, we have outlined details on how you can view this content and turn off sensitive content on this popular microblogging platform.

Turning Off Sensitive Content for Twitter Website

To Unblocking or seeing Sensitive Content for Twitter from your web or desktop here, follow these six steps:

Step 1: Go to the Twitter website and Log in to your Twitter account from your computer.

Step 2: In the next step, from the sidebar menu, click the option ‘More.’

Step 3: From this option, select Settings and Privacy.

Step 4: Furthermore, Then click the Privacy and safety option.

Step 5: From here, click “content you see.”

Step 6: Finally, check/Tick mark the Box for display media that may contain sensitive content on this page.

These six steps will disable the sensitive content warning on the Twitter website.

Turning Off Sensitive content for mobile applications

Unblocking or turning off sensitive content from your phone is quite similar to the web version. Furthermore, it is identical for IOS operating devices, i.e., iPhones and android devices. 

Below, we have outlined five steps by which you can unblock and turn off sensitive content from your devices.

Step 1: Open the Twitter app on your phone.

Step 2: Now open the sidebar menu. You must click the profile picture on the top left to open it.

Step 3: Next, select the privacy and Safety option and settings and privacy.

Step 4: Now, click the option” the content you see.”

Step 5: Finally, enable the toggle for display media that contains sensitive content.

Final Note

Sensitive content can be dangerous for inappropriate age groups, religious communities, races, etc. Unfortunately, we often need to or wish to see inappropriate or sensitive content on Twitter. 

In this article, we have tried to summarize a quick guide to turning off sensitive content on Twitter. For more information, please visit us for updated news for further queries. We would be glad to keep posting about the trending topic you face in your everyday use.

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