Solving Hiring Challenges Using The Best Recruitment Software Options

Recruitment Software

For a recruitment software that truly delivers, Voyager Software is a standout option. With an unwavering commitment to streamlining the recruitment process, its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface have won over countless organizations. 

Free Online Skills Testing

Voyager Infinity has come up with an ingenious solution that sets it apart from its competitors – absolutely free online skills testing! With this feature, recruiters can easily evaluate a constantly increasing number of job applicants and their proficiencies without worrying about getting billed extra. Incorporating skill assessment in the recruitment process guarantees a faster and more accurate selection of high-quality talent for the job, making it one of the best recruitment software.

Google X-Ray technology 

By harnessing the powerful search capabilities of Google X-Ray technology, Voyager Infinity empowers recruiters to identify hidden potential in a swift and seamless manner. The software also streamlines the candidate selection process by merging profiles and CVs from multiple sources such as job boards and social media platforms, all within a single, centralized system. This innovative approach to candidate sourcing ensures that recruiters can effortlessly discover the talent they need without wasting valuable time and resources.


Voyager Software takes the recruiting experience to the next level with its unparalleled integration capabilities. Navigating through tedious communication and scheduling processes in Outlook and Office 365 is made easy. The click-to-dial and SMS features save time and energy when making candidate outreach. Other notable integrations include posting jobs, utilizing business intelligence portals, e-signatures, online timesheets, skill testing, training, and email marketing. The overall ecosystem consolidates the entire recruitment process making it seamless and stress-free.

Save time on admin tasks

In Voyager Software, the recruitment process is automated and intuitive, reducing the need for mundane manual tasks. Candidates are presented consistently and professionally with automatic CV formatting, while speedy CV and Spec CV submissions expedite selection. The organization’s professional image is enhanced through branded emails and attachments. Additionally, efficiency is improved and candidate engagement is increased with automated follow-up calls, tasks, and booking confirmations.

Voyager Infinity is one of the best recruitment software for productivity and increased visibility for recruiters seeking to improve their recruitment performance. By automating mundane tasks and smoothing out workflows, recruiters can concentrate on their core strength of placing top talent. The platform’s reporting features enable recruiters and managers to observe job recruitment metrics, keep a close eye on essential indicators, and base their choices on solid data.

Efficiency, effectiveness, and the promise of continuous improvement make Voyager Software an exceptional choice in recruitment solutions with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. With the integration of Voyager Software, teamwork productivity and automated workflows become the norm, while sourcing top candidate placement steadily increases.

Digital storage on the cloud and server

The option between a cloud or server-based solution is provided by Voyager Software, letting organizations choose what suits their infrastructure and data management best. This grants the flexibility to select the deployment model required to fit their specific needs and preferences.

Mobile app

Infinity Connect is an incredible mobile app that distinguishes Voyager Software from other companies in the field. This app offers recruiters an exceptional chance to utilize the software’s features on-the-go, without being bound to their desk. The app enables recruiters to remain connected and manage candidate profiles using their mobiles, responding to inquiries and executing crucial recruitment responsibilities. This flexibility and ease-of-use lead to increased productivity, even while on the move.

Customizable dashboards

Providing a unique edge in user experience, Voyager Software grants recruiters and managers the ability to adapt their dashboards according to their individual preferences. With custom options at their disposal, recruiters and managers alike have easy access to necessary information, key performance indicators, and various analytics. By tailoring their dashboards, metrics, reports, and widgets, users can easily track and analyze progress while making informed decisions based on data.


Based on geographic location, the Quick Location Finder uses iMaps by Infinity to help find suitable candidates. It eliminates the need for a time-consuming search by allowing recruiters to locate potential applicants within certain areas, regions or cities. With this feature, matching candidates with job opportunities based on location has never been easier. Recruiters can quickly source candidates that meet their specific location requirements and streamline the recruitment process.

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