“The Mummy 2”: Understand Why The Film With Tom Cruise Did Not Have A Sequel

The Mummy 2

The Mummy 2 remake was intended to launch a new linked cosmos, but after receiving poor reviews and performing poorly in ticket sales, the entire plan was shelved.

Once the movie was first revealed, it was to be the beginning of a trio featuring Tom Cruise and connected to Universal Studios’ Movie Universe, a projected monster story.

The movie barely made 80 million USD in the United States, despite having a global gross of 408 million USD. The 125 million dollar budget was so large that the expenditure needed to yield a sufficient return.

Shadow Universe & “The Mummy 2” has finally got shelved.

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Publisher Renato Marafon traveled to Mexico City after the movie’s premiere to speak with the likable Tom Cruise.

In a THR conversation, Filmmaker Alex Kurtzman discussed the project and the lessons he took away from its collapse.

“The Mummy 2 isn’t the way I had envisioned it. I’m not a part of it anymore, so I have no clue what’s on. In retrospect, what looked difficult at the scene ended in an unexpected benefit. I’ve realized that I must trust my judgment, and if I can’t, I doubt my ability to succeed.”

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He continues, “[The United Monsters films] are lovely since the creatures are flawed people, and we recognize self in them. I anticipate seeing these movies because I want to watch them.”

The actors include Sofia Boutella, Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, Tom Cruise, and Jake Johnson.

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