WPC2021 – A Guide to Making the Perfect Bet


The WPC 2021 is a past cockfighting event that was organized in the Philippines. This cockfighting event was telecast online via the WPC2021.live website and gamblers worldwide joined the game to bet and earn money.

This event takes place almost every year. To join this event, you must register an account and wait for the upcoming game. Here you can enjoy the game and earn a lot of money if you win.

So, how to play WPC2021, and what is the registration process? To know, read this complete blog.

WPC2021 Sabong Game Procedure

The process of the Sabong game is very simple. Here, the most important thing is a well-trained special roaster. There are some special bread cocks that are being used that are more aggressive than regular ones. The Sabong roaster feeds them special food to make them more energetic so that they can fight.

So, how is Sabong played in WPC2021? The process of WPC Sabong is very simple. The game occurs in an open spot where so many people gather together for two reasons. One is enjoying the game, and another is betting on a roaster.

Before the Sabong starts, the owner of the fighter cock wears a tiny sharp knife-type thing on his cock’s leg. So that it can hit its opponent. It seems brutal, but these are the rules of this blood game.

When everything is almost ready, people start betting on cock, and winners double their money if their betted cock wins.

The Sabong is a very traditional and cultural Philippine game. It’s very common in this country, but to take this game to a different level, the World Pitmasters’ Cup was introduced.

In WPC2021, the game is a bit different than the locally arranged Sabong because, by using the internet, the whole world can enjoy the game altogether. But to do that, users must open their account on WPC2021.live to participate in the event. Not only can users enjoy the game by signing up. They can also place bets on the games to increase the thrill and win some money.

How to Register for WPC2021 Online

To join WPC2021, all you have to do is create an account on the WPC2021 official website. So, if you are one of those who want to join WPC2021 online, then simply go to the WPC2021 website and create an account.

After reaching the website, you have to click on the “sign up” button and give the necessary info to create an account and log in. When logged in, you must register your account to attend upcoming cockfights.

The process of registration is also very easy. Here you have to provide some of your personal info, including a payment method for the bet. Your account will be registered after submitting everything.

When your account is registered, you can see the upcoming Sabong competitions and choose your favorite roaster to bet an amount. Then the website will keep you updated on upcoming games. And finally, when the fight date arrives, you can sit tight and enjoy the thrilling game online.

So, that is how you can join the WPC2021 Sabong competition online.

WPC2021 Rules

Sabong rules may differ depending on location, as this game is popular in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. But it is not that much more common and popular than in the country’s Philippines. In the Philippines, the Sabong is a part of their tradition. Let’s see some common rules for the WPC2021 game.

  1. The weight of the gamecock should be similar.
  2. The gamecock must be the same breed.
  3. Each fight should be between two game cocks. Three or four are not acceptable.
  4. Both gamecocks should be equipped with the same size gaff (tiny knife) in their leg.
  5. It must have a well-trained referee. And the referee will declare the winner of the game.

There are so many other rules in the different regions of the Sabong game, but these rules are widely followed and especially followed by the WPC2021 game.

How to Bet on WPC2021?

To bet on WPC2021, you have to create an account first. We already mentioned how to create an account earlier. This is easy to do and only requires a few minutes.

You must deposit money into an account after it has been opened. There are several ways to do this, but credit cards and PayPal are just two of them. You can start betting as soon as you have money in your account.

To do so, go to the WPC2021live website and look for the cockfighting area. This page lists all upcoming cockfights. After selecting the competitor, you want to bet on, click “bet.” After entering your desired wagering amount, click “submit.” I’m done! Your wager on cockfighting at WPC2021 has been placed.

All that remains is to relax and await the start of the cockfight. If your cock wins, you will receive your winnings in your account. That is simple. So, what are you waiting for? Open an account with WPC2021 right away to start betting on cockfighting.

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Winning 

In Sabong, there is no guarantee that you will surely win a game, no matter how well you select. This game is totally in the control of two gamecocks. But by using some tricks, you can increase your chances of winning a game. Let’s see some tips that you can apply to WPC2021 online Sabong.

  1. Consider the Gamecock body structure: you have to choose your roster with a solid body structure. If you choose the moderately fatty one, then your winning chances will be lower.
  2. Select aged roasters: Choosing aged roasters is always a wise decision. As the older gamecock has survived more death games, it will definitely increase the winning chances. In addition, you have to keep your eyes on other cocks too. If your selected roaster looks overaged, then you may avoid the older one.
  3. An aggressive cock is better: As Sabong is a bloody game and cocks are equipped with tiny sharp knives in their legs, an aggressive cock is definitely better here. If you choose a less aggressive cock, then your choice may be injured before coming to form 
  4. If you lose a game, learn from it. When playing a gamble, it is very important to learn from your mistakes. If you can overcome your mistake, you will obviously be a winner later.

Following these tips will increase your winning possibility, but you have to take risks as this is a gamble.

Is Playing Online Sabong on WPC2021 Legal?

The legality of Sabong depends on in which country you are living. It is because there are some countries where online betting is illegal. These are the UAE, Colombia, North Korea, Japan, Qatar, and others.

So, if you are from this country, then you might not be able to participate in the online Sabong on WPC2021. However, as this is an online Sabong game, you can still participate in this game using some tricks, but this is not recommended.

If we skip some countries, the WPC2021 Sabong is legal for most countries. But you will have to follow the rules of your country. Such as, you can’t play any betting game if you are not at least 18 years old. And for some countries, it is 21 years. So, you must be respectful of your country’s laws and follow them as much as possible.

So, if you are an adult and betting games are legal in your country, you can definitely play WPC2021 Sabong online. In this case, WPC2021 is totally legal for you.

The Bottom Line

WPC is a great place for people who enjoy actual bloody games. At the WPC event, one can enjoy live cockfighting and choose their favorite one for betting. But to do this, it is important to register an account on an event website like WPC2021.live. So, if you want to bet on cockfighting, sign up on WPC’s website and register your account.

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